Sanitized Kids Make You Look Bad

So, there was this little one, the other day at the place where I was sitting, sipping my black coffee out of a real mug.

I could see that every blond hair was precisely in place, each square centimeter of his expensively styled outfit a perfect complement to his mother’s managed persona.

He carried a pristine bear and his shoes, un-scuffed, walked across the floor of the coffee shop, so very carefully.

Heel, toe.  Heel, toe.

Sitting with feet dangling off the tall chair, drinkng lukewarm cocoa out of a straw while his attentive mother dabbed at spots and smoothed wrinkles.

Perhaps they were on their way to a fab photo shoot.

My Heart in Black and White.jpgMaybe they weren’t.

I suppose, if I hadn’t seen so many costumed tiny children lately, I wouldn’t be writing this.  These thoughts never occurred to me when my spiky-haired boys were this age.

You know what was missing from his scrupulously clean face?

A smile. There were no inquisitive eyes darting around the brightly colored interior of the shop. In every other way he was normal in his mannerisms and engagement with his mom.

Yet, there he was in a conspicuous absence of sizzling, little boy energy, sitting so still.

I found it unsettling.


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