Bookish Thoughts

illiterate2A compartmentalization of literary adventures.  I’m starting with the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and I’d love to discuss it with you.

Bonhoeffer: Chapters 1-8 – More Questions Than Answers

The Next Evangelicalism – Freeing The Church From Western Cultural Captivity

One thought on “Bookish Thoughts

  1. First of all, I love Paula, his mother. p. 9: “Upstairs was a schoolroom, with desks where Paula taught the children their lessons. … She was openly distrustful of the German public schools and their Prussian educational methods. She subscribed to the maxim that Germans had their backs broken twice, once at school and once in the military; she wasn’t about to entrust her children to the care of others less sensitive than she during their earliest years.” And the top of pg. 10, read the charming description of her play with the children. “She was the soul and spirit of the house.” Okay, I really would like to be like Paula.

    And I’m really appreciating that Eric Metaxas clears up some misconceptions about Bonhoeffer. See pages 466-468, for example. I’ve heard other quotes about his “religionless Christianity” taken totally out of context and painfully twisted. This section was refreshing. Bonhoeffer wasn’t advocating a post-modern or humanist dismissal of all things held sacred (like some would say), but I think he must have had to do some grueling thinking about what was truth and religion and God, when the church at that point had completely failed and betrayed Germany and himself personally. Really, Bonhoeffer was just promoting Jesus Christ and the Word–out in the world, and out of the church where God had already been effectively banned anyway. I think we can’t understand Bonhoeffer’s term “religionless Christianity” without understanding his times and the disgusting capitulation of the church to the Nazis.

    Don’t you think we need this man here today? Thank you for the opportunity to talk about Dietrich!

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